Clinicians simplifying cannabis decisions using clinical evidence

We are clinicians committed to providing responsible recommendations to other clinicians by incorporating the latest clinical evidence and applying algorithmic artificial intelligence.


ARBR offers clinical evidence driven solutions to choosing appropriate strains for better patient outcomes


ARBR provides up-to-date strain availability and insights 
into the ever evolving market

Today’s Cannabis Challenge

Typically, a non-healthcare professional, working in a cannabis clinic, or with a licensed producer, educates the patient on which strain might be the most appropriate based purely on anecdotal experience, without any consideration of other medical conditions or medication load.

Clinicians such as a physician, pharmacist, nurse or nurse practitioner, can now address more crucial patient questions with ARBR

Which strain is most effective for a particular disease?

When should my patient increase or decrease their cannabis dose?

What cannabis information do I need to communicate to my patient?

Award Winning Software

2018 Finalist


Leaf Forward Pitch Competition
Toronto, Canada

2018 Finalist


JAZ® Tank CannaVATION: 
Healthcare Startup Competition
Philadelphia, USA

2018 Winner


JAZ® Tank CannaVATION: 
Healthcare Startup Competition
Philadelphia, USA

2018 Finalist

Beanstalks Pitch Competition
London, England

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Millions of Patient Data points

Peer-reviewed clinical studies (and growing!)

Cannabis strains, availability and information updated daily

For Clinicians, by Clinicians

ARBR generates evidence based strain selection options, to inform on individualized cannabis treatment. You approach each patient as a unique individual with specific needs. ARBR does too.

Many patients need guidance from clinicians. Now, with ARBR, clinicians can feel confident they can provide it.

New users of cannabis, patients with multiple prescriptions or special treatment concerns, and seniors, the fastest growing group of users, all need help making sound practical treatment decisions. Without that help, medical cannabis therapy can cause unintended harm.

ARBR can bridge the gap between clinicians and patients.

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