ARBR creates better patient outcomes by using algorithmic artificial intelligence.

Which strain is most effective for a particular disease?

With many licensed producers in the landscape producing different strains, the options for treatment can become overwhelming. ARBR curates the best strain choices and improves your workflow.

When should my patient increase or decrease their cannabis dose?

A second opinion on when to increase or decrease a patients’ cannabis dose can prove invaluable, especially in an emerging medicine.

What cannabis information do I need to communicate to my patient?

ARBR provides a consistent number of talking points that clinicians should discuss with patients, leading to better patient experiences and outcomes.

Many patients need guidance from clinicians. Now, with ARBR, clinicians can feel confident they can provide it.

New users of cannabis, patients with multiple prescriptions or special treatment concerns, and seniors, the fastest growing group of users, all need help making sound practical treatment decisions. Without that help, medical cannabis therapy can cause unintended harm.

ARBR can bridge the gap between clinicians and patients.

Ready to Close the Gap?

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