A lot of the work that goes into developing ARBR can be credited to a fantastic team made up of pharmacists, physicians and academics dedicated to studying how artificial intelligence and clinical study can better converge.


Dr. Dimitri Kachenyuk

BSc, PharmD, APA, Medical Cannabis Focus, Project Lead

Dr. Greg Keough

Family Physician

Dr. Michael Wong

Doctor of Electrical Engineering, Logic

Diva Niaz

Masters of Science in Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacist with Additional Prescribing Authority, Clinical Research Team Lead

Estyn Edwards

B. Sc. Computer Science, Partner at Punchcard Systems, Developer Lead

Dr. Shelita Dattani

Doctor of Pharmacy, Director of Practice Development and Knowledge Translation at Canadian Pharmacists Association, expert in medical cannabis

Ryan Scott

Medical Student

Darcy Chan

Web Designer and Front end Developer at Punchcard Systems

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